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We draw your required items, we make the parts and then we put them together, shabang!

Sounds simple doesn’t it! and yes working with us is just that simple.


But hey! this simple process has taken many years of experience and practise but you’re not here to read about the complexities of production, the dissection of our skills and the hours it takes to finish our items by hand otherwise we would bore you into an 18 hour read if we did that.

So lets sum us up in a blurb:

We are a small family run business based in Essex with in-house design studio, CNC machine, joinery assembly and spray booth facilities that has over 20 years experience in designing, fabricating and previously installing for many NHS trusts in and around London. We have learnt a lot from these challenging environments that never close for business, get smashed to bits and require the highest level of hygiene. 

We no longer offer installation services as we love working in our tidy, clean and excessively organised workshop but our background has educated us in making items with brilliant renewable sustainable durable materials that best suite the application required. We are not really a traditional joinery but more of a contemporary joinery; although we do have a passion for hardwoods and incorporate these beautiful timbers in our work where possible. 

We don’t install anymore!
so how is that going to help you?

What we learnt in our previous days installing to hospitals is that full prefabricated assembly or modular on site assembly speeds up the site activities, minimises disruption and has a real value. We are not the cheapest around as we don’t ever cut corners but we save you money on site as we transfer much of the labour cost into our workshop and this is how your projects will be swifter to install and of a superior quality for you, your clients and the end users. Take a look at our services and see how we can serve you.

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