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We design and create beautiful items with beautiful materials that are sustainable, tactile and have an organic feel to them. With renewable surfaces that are high life cycle our furniture and cabinets will easily outlive their makers.


We specialise in some great materials that we would like to tell you a bit about


Valchromat is an amazing material that is recycled from lumber, organically died, formaldehyde free, moisture resistant,  non toxic and toy safe that is coloured throughout and available in a range of colours. This allows us to engrave the surface creating stunning results with no lipping or vulnerable edges to break off and best of all we hand finish every item with low lustre food safe natural oils that impregnates into the material that can easily revived after years of use by you, simply apply more oil like you would furniture no skills require. Now just imagine a kitchen, bathroom or cabinet you could do that too! Organically tactile, contemporary and unique what else could you want.

Oh we know!

Solid Surface a perfect companion material to Valchromat. We are approved HiMacs Solid Surface Fabricators and choose this product for its resistant renewable surface perfect for counters, table tops and design features as it can be bonded and hand sanded in to many forms and lasts a lifetime as it can be renovated time and time again. Available in a many finishes and colours this fantastic material is a byproduct of the aluminium mining industry which would otherwise go to landfill and has proven eco friendly credentials inline with our own ethics.

Then there's hardwood

Hardwood another perfect companion for Valchromat. Everybody loves the warmth, depth and interest of wood grain and we use hardwood in a design orientated responsible way sourcing sometimes irregular lumber from our local wood mill who in turn only stock sustainable timbers. You would be amazed in how satisfying hardwood is to shape, hand finish and seal with natural oils to bring out the beautiful grain and colour to add natural elements to our products.

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