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Ok so this is where we tell you how we can get your solid surface, Valchromat custom bespoke British furniture, IPS panels, reception counters and more made. You provide us with your ideas and requirements along with a sketch and dimensions or you may have CAD drawings

We then review the information that you have provided us. We discuss the materials, the actual build and the application of materials along with components for transport and site assembly

We may suggest alternative materials to assist or improve the build

We then provide you with cost and lead times

Upon your approval of cost and lead time we would then create a 3D CAD drawing of the items built with the materials for each component. Our drawing is a WYSIWYG model as we have considered material thicknesses, available material sheet sizes, their jointing and intersections with each other    

You approve the fabrication drawings, we wave our magic wand and you receive the realised items as shown in the models

Well we wished that we had a magic wand, plus we wanted the magic 7 steps not 6 :-)

What we actually do is extract the component data from the models you have approved, we then create codes for the parts for our CNC to cut or form. We then radius, smooth, sand, assemble the components  and apply finish coats by hand. Then we have a mission meticulously packing and protecting the items for safe transport, but we love it and get great satisfaction from everything we manufacture

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